At EFC we stand for a world where every family can be supported and empowered in their pursuit of 100% of their God-given potential from birth!

Join us to learn how to unlock your inner greatness and become the truly happy and healthy you!

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Hi I'm Dr. Ryan Hewkin

I believe you and your family were created for more! I know our bodies are designed to heal and be healthy, not for sickness, pain or symptoms.

I know you have what it takes to be truly healthy locked inside, I see my role as simply removing interference to your natural ability to heal, grow and thrive.

My goal is to help my patients move beyond symptom management toward a state of health and wellbeing. Simply put I want you to THRIVE not just survive. I want to empower my patients to be proactive participants in their care, and take back control of their lives again!

I believe your body is a wonderful, self-healing mechanism, lets work together to help you achieve all that you were meant to be!

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What My Wonderful Patients Say

  • Dr. Ryan is the best! We drove 3 hours just to see him! He adjusted the whole family, including our 4 month old. I wish I could give EFC TEN stars. The office and staff were both amazing. Dr. Ryan explained everything about our treatment plan and made sure we were all comfortable. I only wish we lived closer!! We all left feeling so much better!

    Katlyn Kruse
  • I absolutely am amazed at how much better I feel after only a few visits with Dr. Ryan and Abbie. My energy level is up, my sleeping more sound, but best of all the stiffness in my lower back and in my neck is altogether alleviated! I had also experienced some neuropathy and some vertigo which is completely eliminated. I can not recommend chiropractic care or Excelsior Chiropractic enough. The knowledge and the the love and the support are second to none! Check it out!!

    Lisa Stephenson

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