3 Tips for Making Healthy School Lunches

It’s that time of year when kids are heading back to school and if you are a parent I am sure that you are happy to be getting back to your regularly scheduled program/routine. This is also the time of year when people start to make commitments to themselves regarding the food that they eat. While you are focusing on your own plate, why not include the kiddos? I understand that the best lunch that you can send to school with your kids is one that they will eat, but what if they ate it and it was healthy too? Would you not get some bonus points if you covered all of your bases? I have come up with three tips to making healthy school lunches. Grab the kids and let them be a part of the planning. Including them will only create more excitement about what they get to eat when they sit down to the lunch table.

1. Make it balanced: Always include protein, veggies, and fruit. Protein will help keep your child stay satiated (feel full) throughout the day and fruits and veggies will help your child get their necessary nutrients to keep their immune system functioning. Adding in a healthy fat will also keep their brain functioning optimally. Keeping the meals balanced and low in sugar can help reduce sugar high’s and behavioral issues in the classroom.

2. Have a rotation of favorites: Preparation is always key for busy parents while consistency is always ideal for kids. List out some of your child’s favorite “mains” and “sides”. From this list, you can lay out the meals on a calendar to help keep you organized for prep and grocery shopping. For example, if you list out ten of your child’s favorite lunch items, that is two weeks’ worth of packed lunches. Once you make your way thru all ten lunches, start at the top and work your way thru the list again.

3. Use re-usable containers: Sometimes half the battle of packing a lunch is finding containers that will work for your needs. As many people are moving away from plastic ) containers (dangers of plastic containersd chances are you are not using your hefty class containers for your littles. Below are some other options that you can use to store your child’s food. These options may run a little higher in price, but will last a through the wear and tear and be great options in the long run.

  • Silcone Squeasy Bottle- Link
  • Stainless Thermos Containers- Link
  • Kids Classic Sport Bottle- Link
  • Stasher Bags- Link
  • Pack It Freezable Lunch Bag- Link

What kind of tips make your life easier when it comes to school lunches? Drop a comment below and share your suggestions!

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