How Love Can Make You Healthy

As Valentine’s Day approaches and we begin to see the world decorated with big, red, candy hearts, I’ve begun to think about the effect that love has on our health. What does love feel like for you? When we’re in love with someone it can feel exhilarating and even euphoric. However, when we are broken hearted and feeling without love there can be feelings of despair and anxiety. Having such a broad spectrum of emotion associated to the feeling of love has got me thinking about how these feelings can affect our physical bodies.

I heard a quote once from Rhonda Byrne, “The feeling of love is the highest frequency you can emit. The greater the love you feel and emit, the greater the power you are harnessing.” This stuck with me because when you feel love, you exude a confidence and power to take on whatever it is that is in front of you. You feel empowered and supported by this feeling of love.

Someone else that speaks often of love is Gary Zukav, who has said, “The choice that frees or imprisons us is love or fear. Love liberates. Fear imprisons.” Think of someone who is afraid of heights and is taking a ride on a ferris wheel. As the ferris wheel approaches the top, the person is unable to enjoy the moment or the scenery because the fear is paralyzing. They are unable to fathom looking out as far as the eye can see, to be in awe of the moment because their body is tense, they feel helpless, and they squeeze their eyes shut until they feel themselves coming closer to the ground. This experience was more stressful than wonderous. Fear can hold people back in life. This person on the ferris wheel has experienced a myriad of emotions, none having emitting any kind of love.

“Love grounds you. It orients you. Love brings your awareness to others and yourself. Love opens your mind and heart to others and yourself. Love settles you and gives you balance.” (Gary Zukav)

The life experiences that we go through help shape our sense of coherence of who it is that we are. If we understand life as comprehensible, meaningful, manageable, we’re going to have a greater state of health.

So in a time where there is so much focus on the love we are receiving… my challenge to you is this. What love are you giving? When we resonate at the frequency of loving for the sake of loving, we ourselves heal, feel at ease, and are not effected by the negative things this world can throw at us.

Albert Einstein said, “the most important decision that you’ll ever make in life is whether you perceive that you live in a friendly universe or a hostile one.”

My challenge to you is that, start to look at the universe in a friendly manner! It is growing increasingly harder to do this, but I challenge you and invite you into the possibility of this!

In 1979, Aaron Antonovsky, a medical sociologist, coined the term Salutogenesis which literally means, “that which gives birth to health”. It suggests that we as humans have an innate capacity to move toward health even while under an immense amount of stress. It supports the idea that people can stay well when encountering periods of stress.The opposite of salutogenesis is pathogenesis, meaning “the origin and development of disease”. It literally refers to “suffering”.

Antonovsky referred to salutogenesis as a sense of coherence that we default to when we come across challenging circumstances. There are three aspects that he focused on when explaining his theory:

  1. Control- A person’s belief that they’re able to influence course of events
  2. Commitment- Embracing a curiosity and a sense of meaningfulness in life
  3. Challenge- The individuals expectation that it’s normal and beneficial for life to change

The Salutogenic model promotes a friendly universe. Chiropractic is a friendly universe. While everyone is focused on what is wrong with you, we focus on what is right, your well-functioning nervous system.

We love all that we serve and have not yet served equally. This love is what leads to health, not just physical, but emotional, and mental healing as well!

The essence of chiropractic is to allow the innate potential of a person to move. Once we decide that we want to love our bodies, love ourselves and the world around us, we will find gratitude in the small things. So when it comes to love, let’s think about how we love, nurture, and support ourselves. Empowering ourselves to feel and experience love is the belief that we will live in health.

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