Kids and chiropractic??

Should I take my kid to a Chiropractor?

Is this a real thing? Do people really take their kids or even babies to a chiropractor? If so, WHY?

Why would a kid ever need to go to a chiropractor? All very valid questions, but in short, yes, kids need chiropractic care, and they go for all sorts of reasons, some you likely have never even heard of before! Let’s start with the WHY, shall we? Setting aside, how active kids are and the fact that the older they get the more rambunctious they seem to become, the way we enter this world is HARD. Although, beautiful, it can be very stressful, for both Mom and Baby. (check out our page on prenatal benefits here)

When a baby comes into this world it is a hard process, and they often can get misalignment (Subluxation) in their spine during this journey. Research shows that at times there can be excessive force applied to the new born baby’s spine during the birth process. It is for this reason that specific chiropractic adjustments from a pediatric trained chiropractor are crucial for getting children started off on the right foot in life, and sometimes helping them recover from hard deliveries, and possibly birth trauma. We commonly see these children and very gently help their bodies heal through specific adjustments to their spine and cranial bones.

Adjusting a child is much different than adjusting an adult. Instead of the harsh movements people often associate chiropractic care with (we don’t do this for adults either 🙂 ) adjusting a child is very gentle and specific. Think how you would test the ripeness of fruit or a tomato. This is all the more pressure that it requires to correct a misalignment in a young baby’s spine. Pediatric chiropractic care should only be done by a chiropractor trained specifically in the care for young children. While the structure of their spines are very similar, the care administered is quite different. One of the top organizations throughout the chiropractic profession is The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. (ICPA) Children benefit from chiropractic care in many ways, but some of the most common reasons children come to Excelsior Family Chiropractic are: Breastfeeding/Latching difficulty, Reflux/GERD, Colic/Irritability, Sensory Processing Disorders , ADHD, Bed Wetting, Ear infections, and to boost their Immune System, as well as promoting optimal neurological development (

Here at Excelsior, we live by an idea that was born out of a passion for helping families get and stay healthy! We truly believe that our bodies were created to be healthy and never want “I wish I would have known” to be someone’s story. Whether it is expensive medications for ADHD, ear infections, bed wetting, or an unnecessary procedure gone wrong, we are here to help people take a more conservative approach first! In the end we all want one thing, our kids to be the healthiest version of themselves.

Neurologically based chiropractic care is the safest, most natural option that we have to choose from to help with that very simple desire!
If you have any questions about what it might be like for an infant or your young child to get specific chiropractic care, message us here, or give us a call, (636) 345-4816.

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Because “I wish I would have known” shouldn’t have to be your story!

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