Getting Started on Your Health Journey

At EFC we speak often about the experience of a wellness journey and how it is truly a unique experience for every individual. When it comes to optimizing your health and healing your body, it takes a holistic, multi-faceted approach.

Chiropractic care is a great way to support our body and nervous system, but focusing solely on your physical health will only take you so far. In this post, I’ll be sharing the roadmap to wellness and how to optimize your brain, body, and life.

1. Dial in your nutrition

Focusing on what you are putting into your body is the first step in reaching any health and wellness goal. I will be sharing more about nutrition in next week’s post, but for now just know that it is important that you are nourishing your body with nutrient-dense foods that support the function of your body. Certain foods can be inflammatory to your system which can lead to a host of health issues. Keep your meals clean and nutritious…more on this next week!

2. Switch to Non-toxic products

As I have spoken about in a previous post, our homes are filled with thousands of toxic chemicals that disrupt our hormones, promote disease, and have a number of other negative effects on your health. Sometimes toxins found in our homes can be more harmful than the toxins in conventional food!

The most important thing that you can do for yourself is to swap out your personal care products, especially the products that you use daily. These products are absorbed directly into your skin and wreak havoc in your body.

If you want to learn more about toxin-free living, you can join our private Facebook group, Excelsior Mama.

Finding non-toxic brands for household cleaning products is also important. Conventional products are full of artificial scents and chemicals that you breathe in throughout the day.

Click HERE to read more about sneaky toxins hiding in your home.

3. Movement and exercise

Most people are either far too sedentary or working out way too much! Having a healthy exercise routine at baseline should incorporate resistance training and plenty of low-impact daily movement, this includes relaxing walks! What’s more important is that you should listen to your body. If you are forcing yourself to do high-impact workouts that leave you depleted, I would try something low-impact because forcing your body into a workout that it isn’t ready for can cause injury and deplete all of your energy sources which can lead to a compromised immune system.

4. Emotional health, personal growth, faith/spirituality

Emotional health, personal growth, faith/spirituality and self-care are key aspects of a healthy lifestyle that are often overlooked. Addressing these topics will lead to happiness, fulfillment, and health. Whether you are visiting with a therapist, energy healing, reading personal development books, or journaling, having a solid understanding of who you are and why you act in a certain way is very powerful. Developing this kind of understanding of oneself is often the missing piece to someone’s health journey. 

5. Put all the pieces together!

Wellness has a lot of different looks which is why embarking on a wellness journey can sound like a daunting task. If you have one takeaway from this post, I hope that you know that everyone’s health journey looks different so there is no need to compare yours with anyone else’s. The important thing is to start where you can and then little by little add something else into the mix.

If you’re reading this, then you are likely familiar with all of the benefits of chiropractic care and how we at EFC help to support your body to keep it in tip top shape! Chiropractic alone is a huge part of being able to experience life with all of the vigor and enthusiasm that anyone could ask for. 

Consider what steps you have already taken to improve your health. CONGRATULATIONS, you have already begun to take your health into your own hands and begin advocating for yourself! I’m proud of you for coming this far.

What is one small change that you can incorporate into your wellness journey next?

I’m here to empower and support you while you take control of your health, your mindset, and your life. Let’s do this!

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