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This is D.D. Palmer, "The Founder" of the Chiropractic profession. While the art of adjusting the spine for a persons health dates back thousands of years. Palmer was the first to apply this art to its effects on the Nervous system. In 1895, Palmer gave the first adjustment in Davenport, Iowa to a janitor that worked in his building. The janitor's name was Harvey Lillard and he had been deaf in his right ear for 17 years, after a box fell on his head while at work. Palmer was a magnetic healer at the time and hypothesized that a bone in Lillard's spine was out of alignment and need to be corrected. Lillard allowed Palmer to adjust him, and after a few days Harvey could hear again for the first time in years. Palmer began to vigorously research and study this concept and how this could be. He found that the body is controlled by the nervous system and when a Chiropractic adjustment is given, that adjustment has profound effects on a person's expression of health. Since that fateful day in 1895, the Chiropractic profession has grown to be the largest, drugless healing profession in the world. Chiropractors around the globe aim to optimize their clients function, not by adding or taking away from the body, but by allowing their body to express true health through a clear, highly functioning nerve System. 

BJ Palmer is considered "The Developer" of Chiropractic. BJ was DD's son and is credited with helping make Chiropractic into the amazing profession that it is today. BJ helped convince his father to create a school to begin to teach the concepts of chiropractic to those that wanted to learn more about it. Some of the first students at the Palmer School of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa were those who had their lives changed by Chiropractic. From there BJ helped spread the chiropractic message to the world. He traveled everywhere he could, lecturing and sharing the principles and concepts of this new profession. BJ is considered "The Developer" for his efforts in helping define what the profession is all about, as well as his ability to bring so many people, both patients and aspiring doctors, into the profession.  BJ also went on to write numerous texts and likley did more research on the science of chiropractic than anyone else. It is safe to say that if it were not for BJ Palmer, chiropractic might not be what it is today. 

Clerance Gonstead was a 1923 graduate of The Palmer School of Chiropractic. After graduation he developed what is now called The Gonstead System of Chiropractic. Dr. Gonstead is famous for growing one of the largest chiropractic clinics ever, and he did it in a very small town of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. With his system, Dr. Gonstead was able to get people better, faster than anyone else and was even able to help those who were considered helpless. His clinic was so large he had a hotel and airstrip built for people to be able to fly in from all over the world to receive care from him. The Gonstead system is now considered the most specific and effective technique in the Chiropractic profession. Now Chiropractors, and their practice members all over the world are better off because of the expertise of Dr. Gonstead and his is famous directive; "FIND IT, ACCEPT IT, FIX IT, LEAVE IT ALONE"