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-Frequently Asked Questions- 

Why should I see a Chiropractor? 

Chiropractic care is essential to be healthy. Stress causes subluxations. Subluxations adversely affect the nervous system and functions of the body. Chiropractic care removes subluxations which restores optimum function of the nervous system.

Why do Children need Chiropractic care?

Children only get one start in life, we just want to help set them up for optimal health and expression of life. Research has shown that upwards of 90% of even the healthiest children have stress on their nervous system after the birth process. Gentle specific assessment and correction is essential to help them grow into their fullest potential. 


Is everyone adjusted the same way? 

No. The Gonstead system allows for specific analysis of your spine and nervous system in order to tailor fit the care you need. It helps us determine what, when, where and why to adjust. Each adjustment is given based on the specific needs of the individual at that moment. 

What are the benefits for pregnant women? 

A woman's body undergoes drastic changes while pregnant. Chiropractic care aims to remove stress from Mom's body to promote a more stable and hospitable environment for the growing baby. When Mom has a balanced spine and nervous system, she is more comfortable and better prepared for the delivery process. Research has shown dramatic decreases in labor time and pain for women who were under Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy. 

What is the new patient process like? 

In our office, the first visit is used for us to get to know each other.  We will have you fill out our practice member application.  Then you will receive a tour of the office to get acclimated, and so you feel at home. After that, we will perform a consultation, so we can better understand what is going on.

The next step to starting care will be our neurological assessment.  At that point, a decision will be made on whether or not you need x-rays.  If needed, they will be taken in our state of the art digital x-ray suite.  


Once we gather all of our data, we will create a unique care plan based on your individual needs.  This care plan will be presented to you after you attend our orientation, where you will be acclimated to the culture of our office. 

When you make the decision to start care, we will provide your first adjustment.

Once I get adjusted do I have to come back forever? 

No. You are welcome to come and go as you please, there are no contracts or obligations. Chiropractic care is similar to working out, or going to the gym. You only have to keep getting Chiropractic care as long as you want to express your full potential. 

Is Chiropractic care expensive?

Chiropractic care may lower your health care bills, according to a 2004 study from the UCLA School of Public Health. Another study demonstrated that people under chiropractic care experienced 30% lower health care costs than medical patients. One final study from 2004 revealed that the number of sick days, average cost of care and hospitalizations decreased when under chiropractic care. Chiropractic care is an investment in your health rather than an expense.