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At Excelsior Chiropractic, we are on mission to share a life changing message with the world. As a principled chiropractic team, we focus on and work directly with the nervous system. We remove interference from the nervous system through specific chiropractic adjustments allowing the body to restore mental and physical health. Our family is here to serve your family and to help empower our community through greater health so that we may become  more connected, loving and serving our neighbors in a way that lifts the community to a higher level.



Our Vision is to lead the people of Chesterfield and St. Louis in hope and love, so that they may believe in themselves and their God given ability to be healthy!


We envision a world where every man, woman, and child can be checked for vertebral subluxation from birth, to allow them to express their 100% God given potential. We will play an integral role in the health of our community by striving to be a leader in wellness/proactive healthcare. We are fully committed to empowering all those in our community to maintain a healthy lifestyle through raising awareness about chiropractic care and all of its many benefits. We will create a culture of love right here in Chesterfield so that our community can become the healthiest and most connected in the World, leading our nation by example to a higher level of health.


Explore-HEALTH: Within the four walls of our office, we invite you to explore health from the “Inside-Out”. We recognize the body’s innate ability to heal and invite you to look at how health and healing are achieved differently.

Experience-LIFE: Through optimization of the function of your Nervous system, you will be able to experience life in a way you may not have been able to for some time. This new experience will open your eyes to a Life that may have at one time seemed unattainable.

Express-100% of your God given potential: We know that God designed your body to heal at 100% from ABOVE-DOWN-INSIDE-OUT, and that by removing interference from your nervous system you will be able to attain YOUR highest potential.

Explore-Health – Experience-Life – Express-100% of your God Given Potential