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-Pregnancy Care


Prenatal Care 

A woman's body has been preparing for this very moment from before she was even born. Did you know that when a female child is still in her mother's belly, she already has the eggs of her future children inside her? WOW, that means the pregnant woman is carrying her potential grandchildren! That is crazy to think about, right? This is just one example of the amazing potential residing within.  As we know, subluxations have the potential to dampen the function of the nervous system, and for every new mother it is crucial that her nervous system be functioning at 100% even before she ever becomes pregnant, to give her and her unborn child the best start in life possible.

A woman's body undergoes drastic changes while pregnant. Chiropractic care aims to remove stress from Mom's body to promote a more stable and hospitable environment for the growing baby. When Mom has a balanced spine and nervous system, she is more comfortable and better prepared for the delivery process. Research has shown dramatic decreases in labor time and pain for women who were under Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy. 









Researcher, Dr. Joan Fallon conducted studies that showed a 24% reduction in average labor time for first time mothers  who received Chiropractic care,  and 39% reduction  for women who were delivering for the second or third time.



Webster Technique 

Developed by Larry Webster DC [1945-1997] over 30 years ago, the Webster Technique is a specific analysis and system of adjusting that has been observed clinically to be associated with  improved pregnancy  outcomes since that time. The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association  (ICPA)  was founded by  Webster to promote and defend the chiropractic  care of children, pregnant women and general family  wellness care through patient advocacy, post-graduate education and research. The ICPA is the oldest free standing organization in the chiropractic profession to teach and certify chiropractors on the Webster Technique. Dr. Ryan is a member of the ICPA and trained in the Webster Technique. The team here at Excelsior recognizes the inborn potential that is housed within a mother during her pregnancy.  We want to help empower women throughout their pregnancy to trust in their body and connect with their baby/babies to promote the healthiest pregnancy and delivery possible. 









" The Webster Technique has a high proportion of success (82%) in relieving the 

musculoskeletal causes of intrauterine constraint."  

-JMPT. 2002Jul-Aug;25(6):E1-9

Postnatal Care

Immediately after delivery is a vital time for a mother to have her spine and nervous system assessed for interference. The beautiful process of birth, can bring about new stress to her body that she has not ever experienced before. Even if this is not her first child. Many women report completely different birth experiences between their children. After birth, it is crucial for mom to be assessed and adjusted as necessary to help bring her spine and pelvis back into proper alignment, especially since it won't be long and the little one will be off to the races! Be sure to have your spine and nervous system checked after delivery to make sure your body is going to continue to function at its highest possible level. 





"At no time in a woman's life is the incredible, adaptive capacity of the human body more

 obvious than during pregnancy. The physiological changes that accompany pregnancy are 

nothing short of amazing."

How Chiropractic Care Makes for a Better Pregnancy 


-Prepares the pelvis for a smoother delivery by helping to create a state of balance in the pelvic bones, 

muscles, and ligaments. 
- Removes tension on the ligaments that support the uterus, thus reducing torsion (intrauterine constraint) to the woman's uterus. 
-Removes interference to the mother's vital nervous system, improving her coordination of all body 

- Helps promote a safer, easier delivery process for the mother by decreasing the potential of interventions due to proper function and communication in her body.



- Allows for better fetal development, due to a proper functioning environment. 
- Allows the baby room to grow without restrictions to his/her forming cranium, spine and other structures. 
- Offers baby room to move into the best position for delivery. 
- With proper fetal positioning, there is a significant decrease in dystocia (difficult labor) , birth trauma, and need for intervention.