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  • SUB= Less than/below 

  • LUX= Light

  • ATION= state or process of

Therefore broken down the term actually translates to mean " a state of less light."

Demonstrating the phase of the nerve system that when present within the body, causes us to function at a LESS than optimum state! 

The human body is the most amazing thing ever created. It is able to heal, control, and self regulate a million different processes going on within itself at the same time without conscious control.


At Excelsior we are on mission to awaken this inborn healing power that resides in each and every one of our practice members so that they can experience life as God intended. We know health is not just about how you feel but also about how you FUNCTION, and we want to maximize your ability to function at your highest level. 

The Nervous system controls every function of the body, and it does this by sending messages from your brain to every cell in the body by way of the Nerve System. In fact this system is so vitally important to your overall health and well being, it is the only system in the entire body that is completely encased in bone. The brain is protected by the skull and the spinal cord is protected by the 24 movable segments of the spine called vertebra. In order for you to be functioning at your full potential, these bones all have to be moving correctly and in proper alignment. 

While this design is crucial to LIFE as we know it, sometimes these bones can lead to interference within the Nerve system, thus inhibiting it from carrying out its normal function. The most common interference we see to the health of the nerve system occurs with subluxation.  This is when one or more of the bones in your spine are no longer moving properly.  This places stress on the nerve system, and disrupts the connection between your brain and your body.  We believe your health is your greatest asset, and when we have subluxation in our spine we cannot live life to our God given potential.

SUBLUXATION diminishes your body's ability to FUNCTION, even if you have NO SYMPTOMS!

Five Components

There are five different components to subluxations, that will be assessed every time you visit: abnormal motion/alignment, muscle soreness and fatigue, altered nerve system balance, inflammation/swelling, and altered energy usage. 

Due to the vast effect of subluxation on your life, every part of your exam provides an objective finding relevant to optimizing the well being of your nerve system. 

Alignment & Motion

The first component of Subluxation is abnormal alignment and motion of the spine (dyskinisea). The bones of our spine are designed for numerous purposes. One of the most important, is the protection of one of our most vital organs, the spinal cord. There are 24 separate bones of the spine that are made to move as well as protect our spinal cord. Each bone has a specific amount of motion that it is responsible for, allowing us to bend, move, and twist in our daily activities. In order to do this effectively each of these bones must be properly aligned. Every visit we will assess the mobility of your spine, our precision assessment is geared towards finding THE specific bone causing interference in your system. 

The first component of Subluxation is altered alignment and/or motion of  a vertebra. 


The second component of Subluxation, is the alteration in muscle strength and tone (myopathology). We often find sore and tight muscles where the body is protecting from further damage due to subluxation. Your body is intelligent and is constantly protecting and working to maintain and restore health to keep you functioning at your highest level. 

When this happens there is increased muscle activity on either one or both sides of the spine.  This increase in activity is detected by our SEMG (surface electromyography) technology.  This technology measures the electrical activity of the muscle which lets us know how your spine is functioning throughout care. 


The muscles surrounding your spine are in constant communication with your brain. Telling it when to move what, and exactly how far. When these muscles are under added stress from poor posture and alignment they send altered messages to the brain. As the old saying goes, when you put bad in, you can only get bad out! So this begs the question, do you have a bad back or do you have a bad BRAIN?

You have BOTH! Research shows that upwards of 90% of the stimulation and nutrition of your brain comes directly from your spine! If your spine is not functioning properly, it is impossible for your brain to be functioning at 100% of its potential. 

Research shows that upwards of 90% of the stimulation and nutrition of your brain comes directly from your spine!

Nervous System 

The third component of a subluxation is altered nerve system function. (Neuropathology) The nervous system controls EVERY function in your body. It consists of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. There is not a cell within us that could do its job without the direction from the nervous system. It is the master communicating system in our body, and it sends millions of messages per second down our spinal cord and out to every cell, tissue and organ via the nerves. As you can see, balance in this system is crucial for optimal health! When our body has an uncorrected subluxation, the ability for our nerve system to be 100% balanced is diminished, which can lead to any number of symptoms to be expressed.

In our office, we will always base your care off the functionality of your nervous system. It is our goal to allow your body to function at 100%.

Subluxation causes interference in your nerve system, altering your body's ability to function at 100%!


The fourth component of a subluaxation is the inflammatory response. Just like when you roll your ankle or get a cut, the body is always trying to heal itself. One of the primary ways it does this is with our innate inflammatory response. However, often times when it comes to subluxation this inflammation has been there for years. We call this chronic inflammation and it can be very damaging to your nerve system. We utilize heat sensing technology to assess both sides of your spine to find the areas that are inflamed. This heat will cause altered nerve function is the exact location where you need an adjustment. This is one of the biggest reasons our practice members get such great results, we only adjust the parts of your spine that need it, allowing you to restore 100% of your body's potential faster!

Chronic inflammation is the result of long term subluxation. When was the last time you had your spine checked? 


The fifth component of a subluxation is abnormal use of energy (dysponesis).  With subluxations, the brain is receiving excess information.  The brain processes this information, but it becomes cluttered and stressed. (remember bad in... bad out) 


This happens because subluxations shift the body into a sympathetic state.  This is the flight fight system of your body, so the body becomes hard wired for physical activity, anxiety and anger.


Therefore, the body has less energy to perform higher intelligence tasks, such as learning, immunity, and reproduction. 


In order to assess and track this objectively, we utilize SPACE foundation certified technology to let us know exactly how much stress is on your nervous system. 

Subluxation inhibits you from reaching 100% of your potential!